The shared values, wealths, natural resources- water, carbon in the atmosphere, soil and oceans, tropical forests- of the world that we all live in are beyond the national borders and thereby, the decisions for the management and utilization of these are very hard to be centralized and dictating.

The utilization of natural resources (water, natural gas), Air Emissions, Waste Water Discharge, Water Utilization, Energy Utilization, Liquid and Solid Wastes and Utilization of Materials are the most significant factors that have an influence on the environment.

All the influences of these on the environment are being managed and supported by the legal environment legislation.

When we use the digitalization in a way that will gain favor to the society, the environment management system software program that we have developed, calculates and submits the environment dimensions and risk anlayses systematically.

Being one of the significant contexts of the social compliance, environmental pollution and environmental sustainability means the provision of the natural resources’ continuity. Having started to take part among the evalution criterion of the world countries, social compliance has a place in our country, too. Our companies which export or aims to export, encounter the barrage of social compliance and ensure the requirements for compatibility.

The project of “We Are Changing Our Environment” is the harmonization of our environmental consulting activites with the Industry 4.0 technology of today. Thanks to the environment management software program that we have developed based on the standard structure of ISO 14001:2015, companies carry themselves away to the digital world. They prepare the environment that they want to bring in firstly for themselves then for the future genarations of the world, by making use of the speed that internet and technology provide.

The efforts that United Nations has initiated for the Safe Circulation of the Chemicals in 1972 to control the damages on the people and environment by the chemicals, took their finals with the release of GHS in 2009.

With the GHS (Global Harmonised System), it is aimed that the damage given to the people and the environment by the chemical products shall be kept at a minimum level. As per the “Global Harmonised System”; the classification, labeling and packaging of the chemical products have been standardized within the framework of global adaptation system. The European Union has also ensured the classification, labeling and packaging of the chemical materials within its own body by enacting the CLP code in 2009. In Turkey, after the release of the regulation on the safety data sheets of hazardous materials and mixtures in the Official Gazette dated 13th of December 2014, the procedure took its final shape being harmonized with the CLP code.

As stated in that regulation, the Safety Data Sheets are to be submitted in electronic environment and as written texts. The SDSs are prepared by the certificated personnel of the “Institutions” that are accredited for personnel certification regarding the preparation of the safety data sheets. The safety data sheets for the imports are to be prepared by the personnel with the same quality. The Safety Data Sheets are the ONLY documents which prove the damage that chemical materials do to the people and environment in a documented way.

The Project of We Are Changing Our Chemistry develops a profile of happy customers and personnel who ensure a healthy life and the utilization of environmentally conscious products and services, and who aim to replace the hazardous materials and the mixtures stated in the Safety Data Sheets with the less hazardous ones.