The consumption of the natural resources threatens our lives day by day in today’s world. After the increasing concerns over the environment,  the environmental protection is being adopted as a majot responsibility among the societies. Beside expecting high quality ones, the consumer prefers goods/services which adopt a safe and healthy life, care about him/her and the environment he/she lives in.

More than 150 countries around the world  apply the ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM in the direction of environmental protection consciousness. The environment management system examines the effects of the organization on the environment from raw material procurement to production and sale.

MAVİ YEŞİL provides an assistance in certificating that you offer safe, healthy and environmentally conscious products and services, in accordance with the anticipation of today’s consumer.

We provide the Environmental Consulting service with the software program that is specially developed under the infrastructure of ISO 14001.


Mavi Yeşil determines the legal conditions (permits and license to be obtained) that are required for your company and constitutes a legal legislation program. The law no. 28712, Environmental Law and the relevant regulations are scanned according to your company’s area of activity and the action plans against the determined  sanctions are developed. Thus, the possible penal sanctions are prevented. You can execute an active follow up of the legal legislation over the environment software system that we have specially developed. You can also avoid the penal sanctions by following the up-to-dateness of the legislation via smartphones and tablet computers.