Global IT Solutions in Environment, Health & Safety

With the help of ExESS®,you can eailsy manage your Safety Data Sheet(/SDS) preparing process compatible with the up to date legislation.


Being the institutional SDS preparing software of  Lisam; ExESS® produces, manages and distrubes tags and Safety Data Sheets that are compatible with GHS for all chemistry sectors. It makes use of libraires that include statements regarding the chemistry and transportation legislation in 50 languages and are fully integrate. Being established upon the fexible and scalable Microsoft.Net technology and enabling the production of documents in many languages, ExESS® provides an SDS preparation and distribution platform which is globalized and user friendly.

The major topics that ExESS presents solutions:



Classification of materials and mixtures in accordance with all of the up to date legislations in the world.(CLP, SEA, REACH, …);

 50 different languages;

  Preparation, management and distribution of Safety Data Sheets;

  Labeling without the need of an additional software;

  Preparation of shipping documents compatible with the transportation legislatons (ADR / RID / ADN / IATA / IMDG);

 Data retrieval from the comprehensive databases (ChemAdvisor, BIG, CosIng, JCDB, …)  that include hundreds of values such as  pH, density, flash points,etc. for more than 40000 chemicals;

Filling the 16 blocks of SDS with only one touch, thanks to the Apply Blocks function;

 Thanks to the Section 14 Transporation calculation wizard, determining UN No., Transportation Class and determination of convenient shipping name with only one touch;

  Substance volume tracking;

  Occupational safety cards and instrutions;

 Chemical and inventory management;

  Accident and incident management ;

  Waste management;

  Modules that are specially designed for specific sectors such as odor, cosmetics, detergent and gas;

 With corportain of EIGA, SDS preparation and automatic classification for gas mixtures;

  Easy configuration and personalization of software;


ExESS®,  classifies your substance and mixtures as per the 28848 no. Regulation ofnClassification, Labeling and Packaging(SEA) which is obligatory to comply with by the 1st of June 2016  and enables you eaisly to update your Safety Data Sheets that were prepared in accordance with the former regulations.


  • Lisam ExESS® is the only chemical safety software which has 50 different languages and a regional legislation module. The tens of thousands of statements in the content library of Lisam Systems, are translated by chemists who masters the legislation.
  • ExESS® presents effective solutions that enable you to make save your time and reduce your costs:
  • Add the substances you have found to your mixture in a few minutes by making use of the chemical data bases which include tens of thousands of CAS numbers, then classify and determine the hazard (H) codes and precaution(P) statements with zero defects.
  • Having the hundreds of physiochemical, toxicologic and ecotoxicologic poperties such as  boiling temperature, flash point, density ATE, LD50 and LC50  values ready at hand for the substances you have added from the comprehensive chemical databases such as CosIng, LOLI, BIG; cancels out your research time.

o    hile making classifications there is also a possibility to make use of the experimental data on hand.

o    Fill  all the 16 blocks of SDS, with only one touch with the help of “Apply Blocks” wizard which is based on the classifications.

o    “Transportation Wizard” carries out all of the activities that your safety consultant normally does within the frameworks of ADR/RID/IMDG/ADN; such as UN No., determination of convenient shipping name and packaging class, preparing a chattel papera and tracking of shipment.


It is really difficult to prepare the Safety Data Sheet of a mixture which includes many components manually and in compliance with the legislation, it may take several weeks sometimes.