KKDIK Registration Fees – Draft Fees

There is very little time left for the registration process to begin within the scope of the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation and Restriction of Chemicals (KKDIK Regulation). In this context, Kkdik draft registration fees have been published by the ministry as the draft fees.

KKDIK – TURKREACH regulation requires companies to register all substances manufactured or imported into Turkey in volumes greater  than or equal to  1 tonne per year (1t/y) till 31/12/2023 (Provisional Article 2 )

As it is known, the following issues are subject to the fee according to the regulation

  • Registration
  • Registration updates
  • Request not to make information available to the public
  • Product and Process Oriented R&D notifications
  • Permit application
  • Review permissions

Numbered days before the start of registration; The draft list, which includes the topics of the fees for registration, registration update and product and process oriented R&D, has been published. The final list will be published in the revolving fund unit price list of our Ministry at the beginning of 2021. Since the permit provisions will enter into force on 31/12/2023, fees for the permit process will be determined later.

In the registrations, the reduced fees for SMEs are defined. There is a significant cost advantage for companies that make joint-submission. The lowest fee defined for the record; 50 TL for a micro-enterprise making joint submission of 1-10 tons of substance; the highest wage is 15000 TL for a large enterprise that makes a single registration of over 1000 tons of thought. You can access the prices and tables right below:


Fees to be paid for registration under Articles 7, 8 and 12 of KKDIK Regulation

Article 7: General registration obligation of substances on their own or in a mixture

Article 8: Registration of substances in articles

Article 12: Joint submission of data by more than one registrant


Table 1 Standard fees:

Table 2 Reduced Fees for SMEs


Fees to be paid for registration under Article 17 (2), Article 18 (2) and (3) or Article 19 of KKDIK Regulation

Item 17: Registration of isolated intermediates on site Article 18: Registration of isolated intermediates transported

Article 19: Joint submission of data on isolated intermediates by more than one registrant

Table 1 Standard fees:

Table 2 Reduced Fees for SMEs


Required fees for registration update under Article 22 of KKDIK Regulation

Article 22: Other duties of the registrant

Table 1: Standard charges for tonnage range update

Table 2: Reduced Fees for SMEs for updating the tonnage range

Table 3 Fees for other updates

Table 4. Reduced Fees for SMEs for other updates


Required fees for requests under Article 11 (1) (a) of Article 11 (1) (a) of KKDIK Regulation

Article 11 (1) (a) 11: The request of the manufacturer or importer that it should not be disclosed on the internet pursuant to the second paragraph of Article 61, and with this justification by explaining why the publication would be harmful to the commercial interests of himself or another interested party. – Request for information not to be made accessible to the public

Table 1 Standard fees:

Table 2 Reduced Wages for SMEs


Required fees for Product and Process Oriented R&D notifications under Article 10 of KKDIK Regulation

Article 10: Product and process oriented research and development

Table 1. Fees for Product and Process Oriented R&D notifications

Table 2. Fees for extending product and process-oriented R & D exemption