Mavi Yesil Consulting is an institution that is founded in 2013 and serves in the fields of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, Environment and Chemical Management Consultancy.

Being founded in 2013, MAVI YESIL CONSULTING is a management consulting firm that has assumed the mission of being a business partner of the companies which adopt continuous development of quality, environment and occupational health safety as their principles.

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You can only make confidential records in the companies you work with by using a third party representative.

There is no restriction to prevent a person who has received a 64-hours training in Turkish to become a Chemical Safety Advisor (KDU)

Third Party Representative is an assigned party as a legal entity in Turkey by  Turkish manufacturer, an importer or a downstream user to fulfill the obligations of the Regulation on joint presentation of the data and sharing of test costs.

Provisions regarding Annex-14 will come into force on 31/12/2023.  Therefore, Annex-14 will be published after 31/12/2023.

Provisions regarding the Annex-14 will come into force on 31/12/2023. Therefore,  the Annex-14 will be published after 31/12/2023. Subject to permission. Provisions regarding Annex 17;

1) 31 for Annex-17’s entries number 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 40, 41, 45, 48, 49, 54, 55,57, 58, 60 On / 12/2018,

2) For the entry numbered 62 of Annex-17, on 31/12/2019,

3) On 31/12/2021 for the paragraphs 46a and 47 of the Annex-17, entries 1 to 4 and entries 65,

4) For the entry number 66 of Annex-17, on 31/12/2022,

5) It enters into force 6 months after its publication date for the other entries of Annex-17.

And can be placed on the market with the condition of that it complies with the restriction conditions.

A special section has been developed in the Chemical Registration System for the creation of the SIEFs and there will be no intervention in the establishment and operation of the SIEFs by the Ministry. The registrants of the SIEFs are free to determine how to start their own arrangements internally for functioning properly to perform the obligations on the scope of KKDIK. In additionally, the Data Sharing Guide has been prepared for the convenience of registrants which can be accessed from the Guides section of the Chemicals Help Desk’s website.

There will be date fee sharing among the participants. As deemed necessary in line with the KKDIK Regulation, parties of data sharing should “make every effort to determine the costs of data sharing in a fair, transparent and non-discriminatory way” (Articles 24 (3) and 26.1).

The chemical safety advisor (KDU) trainings will be organized by the educational institutions and the exams are determined by the certification institutions in related cities. As Mavi Yesil Danismanlik, we are an educational institution approved and assigned by the Ministry.

Until 1/12/2023, Safety Data Sheets (SDS); It is prepared according to the Regulation on Safety Information Forms for Hazardous Substances and Mixtures published in the Official Journal dated 13/12/2014 and numbered 29204 or the KKDIK Regulation. After 31/12/2023, SDSs are prepared only according to the KKDİK Regulation.

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